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Group Profile

Siddiq Shafi Group

Founded as The Shafi Group of Pakistan in 1940 when Late Mian Muhammad Shafi was engaged in trading of Hides & Skins along with his elder sons, Mian Muhammad Siddiq and Mian Abdul Hafeez. With the help of the Almighty Allah and their hard work, this small trading house grew to become one of the pioneers of the tanning industry in Pakistan.

The Family that started business as a local merchant became a self-reliant & diversified industry leader in the leather sector of the country, it therefore earned a first class reputation in Quality & Reliability in leather trade to a level where the Shafi Group was adjudged as one the top 20 most important & influential tanners in the world by the leather international Magazine.

With the expansion of business, The Shafi Family also grew with time and by the end of the year 2008 had 36 family members (Direct Descendants of Mian Muhammad Shafi) working in the group businesses.

Driven by the vision and focus on the needs of today and tomorrow, and to further ensure future growth, the group was restructured in 2009 and the core Leather Division of the Shafi Group became the "Siddiq Shafi Group".

The Siddiq Shafi Group now includes two manufacturing units in Tanning, a Leather Shoes Manufacturing Unit, a Speciality Chemmicals Manufacturing unit, a Domestic Shoe brand and a Sponge Iron Manufadcturing unit with major export to over 42 countries worldwide.

The Siddiq Shafi Group has a very strong CSR commitment. Therefore, it runs a non-profit organization named as Siddiq Shafi Trust involved in the efforts of empowerment of the poor and has its main focus on Education and Health . As SSG strongly believes in following Norms and Values derived through religion, all the group companies follow each business, banking transactions in compliance of Sharia.

Siddiq Shafi Group is proud to have a team of more than 2000 dedicated employees who enable the group in achieving milestones throuh Quality, Reliability and Costomer Satisfaction.

Siddiq Leather Works (Pvt) Ltd. (SLW)

Manufacturers and Exporters of cow and buffalo leather for shoes, clothing and upholstery.

Phone: +92-42 37970576-8
Fax: +92-42-37970539 (factory) 36816354 (Head Office)

Muhammad Shafi & Company (MSC)

Manufacturers and Exporters of sheep and goat skin leather for clothing and gloving. Annual Production capacity 10million sq/ft.

Phone: +92-21 5061151-4
Fax: 5061156

Shafi Reso-Chem (SRC)

Manufacturers of chemical auxiliaries for leather and textile industries.

Phone: +92-42 35272031-3
Fax: +92-42 35270747

Urban Sole

Retail outlets of leather shoes and a domestic part of Shafi (Pvt.) Limited.

Phone: +92-42 37970638-9
Fax: +92-42 37913136

Siddiq Renewable Energy (SRE)

- SRE is providing tailored solutions of renewable energy to Industrial and Commercial concerns in Pakistan.

Phone: +92-42 37970576-8
Fax: +92-42 37970539 (factory) 36816354 (Head Office)

Shafi Private Limited (SPL)

Manufacturers and Exporters of leather stitched shoe uppers and full shoes.

Phone: +92-42 37970638-40
Fax : +92-42 37971534