ISO 9001 : 2008 & ISO 14001 : 2004 Certified
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Welcome to SLW

We feel pleasure to inform you that we have qualified for the leather working group certification "LWG". We are the first bovine tannery in Pakistan to achieve this milestone. We feel more confident to get better excess and peneteration to famous world brands who insist to work with tanneries having LWG cerifications. We assure you that LWG is comfirmation of SLW's commitment to enviornment, safe use of non-prohibited chemicals, saftey and well being of the staff and workers etc etc. Most impoertant of all it will further ensure and even improve the consistency of the quality and delivery always on time, of SLW's leathers.

Welcome to SLW

SLW symbolizes the best in technological and innovative excellence in leather production. Incorporated in 1974, SLW is a generational extension of the 'Siddiq Shafi Group', the biggest group known as the industry leader. Specializing in cow and buffalo finished leather for shoe upper, leather goods, garments, lining & car seat upholstery.
Exporting to more than 36 countries and catering to major international brands world wide.
With most advanced technology, we have annual production capacity of 24 million sq ft.
One of most modern production units in the country and is comparable with any facility around the world.
Support volume business and can meet delivery time efficiently.
Having range of Eco-Friendly leathers (vegetable tanned & chrome free leathers) Recovering and re-using all chrome without burdening the environment.
Siddiq Leather Works is the first industrial concern in Pakistan to install Solar Water Heating System under its "Think Green, Go Green" Initiative.
Solar Water Heating system is a source of clean energy and is installed at SLW to achieve sustainability through reduced dependence on fossil fuel which help to reduce carbon footprint through lower green house gas emissions.
In March 2012, SLW was included in "Fast Growth 100" companies of Pakistan. "The fast Growth 100" companies of Pakistan is an initiative if All World Network & Harvard Business School Professor in recognition of the fastest growing busines in Pakistan.
In December 2012, Siddiq Leather Works was awarded "Arabia Fast Growth 500". The List includes the fastest growing companies of MENA (Middle East & North Africa), Turkey & Pakistan.
AllWorld Network created the Arabia500 jto bring world-wide attention to these regions growth companies. Arabia500 based on high quality performance, top line revenue growth & turnover growth.

About our Company

With annual production capacity of 24 million Sq.Feet, SLW exports its top quality leathers to over 36 countries worldwide and participates in all the top rated world leather fairs annually. At SLW, we take pride in letting our customers know that with our advanced technology and innovative excellence, we WILL deliver the top most quality products, on time.

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